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Motivational: Top 3 Motivational YouTube Channels

I want to share with you a few YouTube channels that I consistently look to for that little extra boost of motivation.

Now I don’t entirely believe in –motivation- (I’ll save that for another post) but, watching a video off of any of the following channels, always hypes me up!

I hope you enjoy!
Terron F. Beckham

This guy brought me out of a rut and inspired me to get back to the gym. Since finding this channel I have to admit, I have completely redefined my fitness goals. Going forward I will be redesigning my entire workout structure to better incorporate functionality and athleticism.

His personality and approach to training are incredible. Terron trains with unimaginable drive mixed with a super goofy, relaxed nature; he is very entertaining while still being educational. He uniquely combines bodybuilding, strength training and pure athleticism mixed with an incredible work ethic to show you the potential that anyone can achieve if you apply yourself and work your fucking ass off.

Overall I can’t get enough of this channel. I think Terron is on his way towards some BIG things.
Be Inspired – Daily Motivation

This channel has become a staple in my daily routine.

Absolutely incredible and inspiring videos. I find each video to be incredibly relatable. While my previous recommendation is more aimed at Health & Fitness, this channel is for general motivation. I can’t help but feel inspired by watching or listening to a couple of their videos!

This channel is no-brainer must subscribe! I highly recommend just tossing on a video while you go through your morning routine!
RSD Motivation

This channel I found years ago, and the language used in it really spoke to me at a time that. Individually, check out ( this video was the first one that I stumbled across, and instantly I was hooked.

The videos are raw and for myself, they sunk in deep.

This channel was one of the first channels I started to follow to when I began this whole journey. It feels like home plate to me.

I know the list is kinda short but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with an endless list of motivational channels.

The three above have given me the most value so far. I’m sure down the road I will re-visit this topic and share with you some more motivational channels I have found along the way.

Until then though, I want to know where YOU get your motivation from. Tweet at me @theandyhen and share something that you find motivational. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MondayMotivation so that others can see it as well!

Let me close this out by asking you to PLEASE if you like those channels, hit the subscribe button on them. Like me, they need and want our support.

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