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Journey: Overcoming Fears

I just want to take a moment to explain something here.

I am not a writer or even much of a reader by any means. Shit, I barely also follow other blogs at the moment… shame I know. I’m working on it!

I have never really been the type of person to openly talk about their feelings or fears.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how relieving it has been, being able to write; to have an outlet to share what’s on my mind. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared as fuck putting everything out there for everyone. But I am doing this ByChoice.

My failures will be shown, my fears will be confronted, and my goals and aspirations will be put out for the public to see. The pressure of failing is immense.

All of this feels right though. I am not doing this as a method to showboat or grab attention from those around me.

I want to help other people realize that you can accomplish anything but you need to make a choice and be willing to push yourself to the end of your limits. On the other side of fear are bliss, peace and happiness. I honestly believe this…

It all starts though, with a choice.

I am also learning how to deal with everything I am afraid of; which is a fucking bonus and a half.

I am learning to turn my back on self-doubt and trust that what I am typing, is the truth about how I feel. I am learning to trust my own opinion and advice. Something that I have always doubted previously.

I have to admit though even as I type out some of these posts, I have moments of doubt. I have content that I have written already and haven’t posted yet because I am not sure if it is true to myself or not. I want to make sure that everything I share with you, I believe in 100%. I may one day regret a post or two that I put up but, you need to know that at that moment I believed in it.

Who knows where this journey may take me. I am still so excited to look back in a couple of years and see where I am vs where I was.
Shit…. 5 years ago, blogging was the furthest thing from anything I would have ever thought about. Yet, here we are…

Make a choice. Live in fear and never realize your potential, or accomplish something go after that book you wanted to write, start that blog you always talked about or start that pet grooming business you have been planning for years…. just make a choice.

I want to challenge you. Tweet me @theandyhen one fear you want to overcome. I want you to make a decision to overcome that fear. Use the hashtag #Iwillnolongerfear.

Let’s do this, let me help you accomplish something!

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