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Insight: Motivation is an Excuse

Motivation is whatever you want it to be. Recently I have changed how I view motivation, and I have noticed it has helped me out immensely.

I see motivation as a choice.  Because it is a choice, the responsibility whether I do something or don’t do something falls purely on ME.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you walk your dog?

Do you play with your kids?

Do you actively maintain your relationships with your friends?

Do you have to feel motivated to do these things?

Generally speaking probably not. You have made a choice that these are things are essential to you and that they often take priority over whatever you are doing. Playing with your kids I would say is generally not something you need to be motivated to do…(well, maybe sometimes) Right?? But, you do it anyway. Even when you aren’t in the best of moods, I’m sure you still indulge your child and play along with whatever it is they want you to do.

My point is, we choose to use motivation as an excuse to do or not to do something. Instead of saying I don’t have the motivation to do –that thing-. Why not say I don’t feel that’s important enough to do it. It’s hard to say this to yourself but, when you chalk up not doing something to motivation, you are saying that is not important to me right now.

For example; I’ve made the gym a priority in my life. More than that I have made my health and personal fitness a priority. People have asked me why do you go to the gym so much?
My response is typically the same… I have to. I 100% do not always feel like going to the gym but, I HAVE to go.

Writing these posts as another example… I don’t need to be motivated to chase my dreams. These are things that I have recently in life made a priority.  I am incredibly behind on the schedule I set for myself. Who or what can I blame here… My motivation? No. Only I can take the blame for not following my own dreams here. I have made a choice that this blog hasn’t had priority in my life. As I walk into 2018, I am making a conscious decision to make this blog an absolute priority in my life. Above many other things, including my own enjoyment.

Right now, I need to be posting. Which I am not, this needs to be changed. To make this change happen, I need to view posting on this blog like it is life or death. So, going forward this is how I will treat it…

Right now I am writing this with 20 min left before I have to go to work. I may not even finish writing everything I want to, but I’ve made a choice that it is important to share this with everyone and well… here I am.

All I suggest to you is stop saying I’m not motivated enough to do something. Try changing your mind and make a CHOICE to do or not to do something. If I don’t go to the gym today, it’s because I made a choice to not go. It’s not because I feel crappy and unmotivated… it’s because I don’t want to go today… simply… it’s my choice.

For myself going forward, I will not blame motivation for my failures.

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